Still Got Legs

Because my final year project is the biggest piece of academic work I’ve ever had to do, it naturally attracts the biggest opportunities for procrastination. I’ve been meaning to switch my blog over to a new host and redesign its template since 2011 but only now that I’m in the deepest, darkest, deadliest parts of writing my dissertation does the deed demand my diversion.

As I knew, switching over to a new web host with a fresh WordPress install, sneaking out only the content of the posts which (for me) is the most valuable thing in a blog, means that the…let’s say quirky…design I came up with four years ago has been lost. What you see now is the default template with only a few minor alterations from me to make it feel a little more homely while I sort out the permanent paint-job. Unfortunately, this may take a little while.

Not that anyone reading this actually cares about that, I’m just writing this to test a new feature that automatically puts a link on Facebook when I submit this post, so my long-suffering friends can rest assured that they’ll only get spammed by me once per post from now on. I also need to test if it puts an image from the post on too so…I dunno, here’s something vaguely related.

Work in Progress

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