Mat Greenfield

My name is Mat Greenfield and I’m a technology writer, freelance journalist and software developer from the UK. I graduated from the University of Reading in 2013 with a first class BSc in Applied Computer Science and currently work as a technical author in the IT industry, having changed from a career as a software engineer in the healthcare sector.

As a technology journalist, I’ve contributed to several publications, including The Observer, CNET and The Huffington Post. I served as the ‘Science & Technology’ editor for the University of Reading’s student newspaper Spark*. At the age of 7, I was printed in The Beano – which some would argue was the peak of my career.

My work tends to focus on technology but I also write on topics including books, science, culture, current affairs and my unhealthy obsession with Doctor Who. Links to a selection of my published work can be found on the Portfolio page.

I’m currently running a blog about Doctor Who spin-off books called The Who Shelf.

To contact me regarding writing work, please see the Contact page and follow me on Twitter if you’re that way inclined: @matgreenfield

This website contains only my personal opinions and not those of my employers, except the bit about Sylvester McCoy being the best Doctor Who.